Meet the Band

Charlee on Bass

"The Illustrious" Charlee E. Flatt on Bass and Vocals is the heart and soul of the band. He has been playing the bass for over 30years. Charlee honed his skills with such area bands as Travis Redfish Project, Banshee, and The Lost Boys. Charlee has developed a heartfelt vocal style and an in-your face feel for the bass that will force you to get up and shake it!

Johnny Clark on Guitar/Vocals
"Jamin" Johnny Clark on Lead Guitar and Vocals is the deft fingers of the group. Johnny's guitar is a dynamic presence into itself. Having taught, as well as preformed and recorded with many area acts including: Travis Redfish Project, Skydog, and Main Street. Johnny's searing guitar work, and high-energy vocal style, leaves many thinking they've seen a legend in the making.

Face on Drums

Chris "Face" Marino on Drums and Vocals is a drummer's drummer! He is the heartbeat of LOSTNFOUND's sound. His stellar vocal range, comdined with his uncanny abitily to generate driving, fists pumpin beat, has made him the backbone of several local bands like Reckless, The table Tops and Iris Calling.

Monte on Keyboards
"Magnificent" Monte Valdez on Keyboards And Percussion is like the glue that holds it all together, Monte fills the empty spaces! Through a lifetime of performance, in his native Wisconsin and then in Florida, there is no genre Monte has not covered! His consumate skill and sense of rythm has made him a valuble asset to his prior bands: Madhatter, Loosenz, and Classic Symptoms.

Tony on Sound

Tony "Rudog" Ruiz on Sound hails from the Ohio area and has quickly added a lot to the project with his "Golden Ear". He is the man behind the scene.